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Vans with a roof tent

If there is a country made for sleeping with your head in the stars, it is Australia!

Our vans with roof tents (also called “pop-up tents”) allow for a balance between compact / all-purpose vehicles and a more adventurous and unique way to travel! Each morning, you will wake up to breathtaking views of the Australian landscape and if you’re lucky, you may even have some curious kangaroos around you, truly the ultimate Australian experience.

 Compare over 100 vehicles at the best price

Compare over 100 vehicles at the best price

Rated 5/5 on Google and Facebook

Rated 5/5 on Google and Facebook

Insurance and 24/7 service included

Insurance and 24/7 service included

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Free and personalized service

The equipment

The undeniable advantage of the roof tent is to recover space inside the vehicle. This leaves more storage space (if you are travelling in a group, for example!) but also for any other equipment. The primary benefit of this type of vehicle is that it allows you to quickly set up and take down your thousand-star room while maintaining a vehicle that is easy to drive, park and has low fuel consumption.

Who is it for?

Are you seeking a combination of a compact and well-equipped vehicle with an exceptional stargazing experience? If so, a rooftop tent might be the ideal choice for you. A crucial aspect to keep in mind while traveling with a rooftop tent is the weather. To ensure the best possible outcome for your trip, it’s important to choose the right destination at the right time. We would be happy to provide guidance in making this decision!

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Is it easy to drive a van with a roof tent in Australia and New Zealand ?

These compact vans are specially designed to be easily manoeuvrable during your road trip. Their practical size offers you the opportunity to park easily in various locations.

Is it easy to set up the roof tent ?

Yes, setting up the roof tent is quite simple. It unfolds easily thanks to its jack mechanism and requires little effort to set up. However, folding it back often requires the assistance of two people.

How many people are vans with roof tents designed for ?

This vehicle provides sleeping space for two people at the rear, but it also comes equipped with a roof tent to expand the living space. For couples or pairs of friends travelling together, the roof tent offers the option to sleep while preserving the interior of the van for storage or to gain living space during the day. For groups of four people, the roof tent serves as a second sleeping area, in addition to the one inside the vehicle.

Is it comfortable ?

Vans with roof tents offer a perfect balance between the practicality of medium-sized vehicles and the ability to travel adventurously. The roof tent ensures optimal ventilation and keeps you warm during the night. Additionally, it frees up space inside the vehicle.

Are there areas where driving vans with roof tents is limited or prohibited ?

It is essential for renters of vans with roof tents to only use sealed roads. Unsealed roads are not allowed. However, an exception may be made if an unsealed portion is unavoidable to reach a campground, but this will only be tolerated for a short stretch.

What equipment is included ?

Vans with roof tents come equipped with a complete set of items to meet your needs during your trip. This includes bedding such as duvets, pillows, and sheets. As for the kitchen, you will find pots, pans, a cutting board, dishes (plates, bowls, cups), cutlery (knives, forks), as well as cooking utensils like a can opener. Additionally, vans with roof tents are equipped with a small refrigerator (in some cases, a cooler), stoves, and gas bottles.

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