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Convertible minivans

Going on a road trip in Australia has never been so accessible!

Minivans are the most economical and popular option for backpackers or travellers on a budget. We realise that exploring Australia comes at a price, but we also believe that this should not stop anyone from exploring this unique country in complete freedom!

Most economical option

Most economical option

Compact, well-equipped vehicle

Compact, well-equipped vehicle

All-purpose vehicle

All-purpose vehicle

Travel alone, with friends or as a couple

Travel alone, with friends or as a couple

The equipment

Our converted minivans are compact, versatile and equipped with all the necessary camping equipment to travel independently. Featuring a small kitchen, cooling or refrigeration options, ample storage space, and everything needed for an authentic Australian adventure!

Who is it for?

It is evident that minivans are the most economical option for solo travellers, for trips with friends or as a couple. If you prioritise your daily budget and are willing to compromise on interior space, this is an option to consider. Now, you might be surprised at the deals and promotions we regularly find on our high-top vans, which sometimes make the price difference quite small for daily comfort that is often worth it. And as always, don’t hesitate to write to us to find out more, we will be delighted to answer all your questions about our converted minivans!

They are offering this type of vans

Our Other Type of Vans

Vans with a roof tent

High-Top Vans

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When is the best time to travel to Australia?

Australia covers a territory larger than the whole of Europe, so the climate can vary enormously from state to state. And this, for each season. (Not to mention the fact that Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons there are reversed, something we tend to forget!) Certain times of the year are ideal for the East Coast, while others will be more conducive to exploring the famous Red Center or the Northern Territory. Advising you according to your desires and your availability is one of Vanz’s skills; Australia is a country that offers a wide variety of landscapes. Each region is unique and our goal is to help you discover them in the best possible conditions!

Is a van or motorhome enough to fully enjoy Australia?

Absolutely ! The majority of the unmissable destinations in Australia are perfectly accessible by van or motorhome. (Of course, that doesn’t take anything away from the Australian adventure as you imagine it!) To experience Australia, home of the kangaroos, there are numerous options available. Our recommended choices are a perfect balance of a thrilling journey and comfort, suitable for all budgets. For those interested, we can also provide information about 4×4 rental options, such as those with roof tents, though these typically have a separate budget requirement.

What is the ideal length of a road trip in Australia?

The one that works for you! Here too, there are no “rules.” We have customers who crave more road trips after 2 months, while others are fully satisfied after just 2 or 3 weeks. Our goal is to help you plan the road trip that fits your desires (without rushing!). Do you want to travel the East Coast in 3 weeks? Combine road trips and relaxation? See as many must-sees as possible? Allow enough time to discover Sydney & Melbourne and the Gold Coast? We will be happy to share real on-the-ground advice with you, as we always have.

Do we have to book our activities in advance?

It is highly recommended, especially as spring and summer (Australian) approach. The earlier you have the opportunity to plan, the more choices you’ll have in dates and availability (and the more financially attractive it will be!). Thanks to our 10 years of experience, we now have direct contacts with all the tours we recommend, allowing us to quickly offer you several options (and any current promotions). Furthermore, booking in advance allows you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, simply show up at the designated location on the day of the activity, without having to worry about anything else! PS: If you are traveling with children, we can also advise you on the most suitable activities or tours.

What happens if we need assistance during the road trip?

We always offer (and recommend) comprehensive 24/7 assistance insurance in case of any problems. Our team remains available to you throughout your road trip, by email or phone!

Is the quote completely free?

Absolutely! What’s more, it is obligation-free. We sincerely believe that we are one of the most attentive and dedicated agencies to anyone, couples, or families who contacts us to make their dream trip come true. And we hope this is felt from our first exchanges, and therefore from our first personalized proposal. In any case, our mission is to advise you the best to make your stay in Australia an unforgettable moment. If you would like to trust us to organise your trip, we will be delighted. If not, we hope our first proposal has helped you in your planning. To receive your personalised itinerary and a first estimate, simply complete the form available on this page.

Common questions about renting a van / motorhome (deposit, driver, mileage):

Before you book, here are some practical information: Is there a security deposit to pay? It’s common to pay a deposit or security fee when you rent an RV. The amount can vary based on the insurance coverage you choose. With the comprehensive insurance we recommend, there’s no deposit or fee required, even in case of breakdown. Is there a daily mileage limit? It depends on the rental company and the vehicle. However, we have enough experience to ensure that you don’t have to worry about mileage restrictions during your trip (when the mileage is unlimited, which is often the case). Can I have a second driver? Yes, of course! Just let us know, and we’ll make sure it’s included in your rental agreement.

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