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Comfortable motorhomes

Discover Australia in total freedom (and in total peace)!

Motorhomes are the preferred choice for families and travellers who value comfort and relaxation during their journey. They are like houses on wheels designed for the ultimate freedom of travel. In our eyes, they represent the best of both worlds; the pleasure of travelling while keeping your comfort and privacy, for two or with your family.

Absolute comfort

Absolute comfort

Fully equipped (kitchen, shower and toilet)

Fully equipped (kitchen, shower and toilet)

Travel with peace of mind

Travel with peace of mind

Preferred for families

Preferred for families

Included with vehicles

Motorhomes are the best-equipped vehicles on the market! You can travel in them with complete peace of mind thanks to the comfort they offer. With more space inside the vehicle, you’ll have more storage space and more different areas to make the most of your trip. In fact, with a fully-equipped kitchen including cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, as well as a hob, microwave oven and sink. The vehicle’s bathroom also gives you the convenience of a shower and toilet inside your vehicle. As with most of our vehicles, these are supplied with bed linen by the van hire companies. Some also have air conditioning and heating, so you don’t have to suffer from the weather when you’re staying in your home on wheels.

Who is it for?

Motorhomes are ideal for travellers who want to take a road trip in maximum comfort. They are perfect for families travelling the roads of Australia and New Zealand. Last but not least, the comfortable motorhome is perfect for groups of friends. With 2, 4 or even 6 people, this type of vehicle requires a larger budget, but this is offset by the quality of life on board.

Key Features

Pleasant driving space for the driver
Fully equipped kitchen
Bathroom in the vehicle (with shower and toilet)

They are offering this type of vans

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Is it easy to drive a motorhome in Australia and New Zealand ?

Modern vehicles offer straightforward driving. However, it's essential to keep in mind the larger dimensions of these vehicles compared to traditional cars. During manoeuvres, especially in campgrounds, make sure someone can guide you to avoid obstacles, particularly concerning the length, height, and width of the vehicle. Some vehicles are equipped with rear parking sensors to facilitate manoeuvres.

Who are motorhomes designed for ?

Motorhomes are designed to accommodate larger groups of travellers, up to 6 passengers. They are particularly suitable for families with young children, offering more comfort and space for travelling together.

Is it comfortable ?

This vehicle offers optimal comfort, typically with two to three double beds equipped with comfortable bedding, as well as more spacious living and dining areas. Additionally, it features a bathroom with a shower and toilet for your convenience.

How does waste disposal and water refilling work ?

To empty your wastewater and toilet cassette, you need to go to specially designated areas for this purpose. As for water refilling, it is usually done at campgrounds.

Are there areas where driving a motorhome is limited or prohibited ?

It is essential for motorhome renters to only use sealed roads. Unsealed roads are not allowed. However, an exception may be made if an unsealed portion is unavoidable to reach a campground, but this will only be tolerated for a short stretch.

What equipment is included ?

Rental vehicles come with everything needed for sleeping: duvets, pillows, and sheets. Additionally, a fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal, including cooking utensils (pot, pan, cutting board), tableware (cutlery, glasses, plates, bowls, and cups), a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink. In some rentals, additional amenities such as a TV, heating, air conditioning, microwave, toaster, or kettle are available in the living area.

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