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Is it easy to drive a campervan in Australia and New Zealand ?

Campervans prove to be a practical solution for those who prefer to avoid overly large vehicles. With its medium size, it ensures great ease of parking throughout Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, it constitutes an advantageous alternative for those with a limited budget.

How many people are campervans designed for ?

Campervans are primarily designed to accommodate two people (couples, friends) or even solo travellers seeking a bit more space. It is recommended to pack light and prioritise backpacks for better space management inside the vehicle.

Is it comfortable ?

The campervan offers a comfortable sleeping solution. You have the option to sleep with all the doors closed, by deploying the bed inside, or by opening the tailgate and using the rear awning for vehicles from Spaceships rentals. This tent-shaped system, which extends over the vehicle's trunk, provides additional space and better airflow.

Are there areas where driving the campervan is limited or prohibited ?

It is essential that campervan renters only use sealed roads. Unsealed roads are not allowed. However, an exception may be made if an unsealed portion is unavoidable to reach a campground, but this will only be tolerated for a short stretch.

What equipment is included ?

Campervans come equipped with a complete set of items to meet your needs during your trip. This includes bedding such as duvets, pillows, and sheets. As for the kitchen, you will find pots, pans, a cutting board, dishes (plates, bowls, cups), cutlery (knives, forks), as well as cooking utensils like a can opener. Additionally, campervans are equipped with a small refrigerator (in some cases, a cooler), stoves, and gas bottles.

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