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Van Life: An Experience Free from Stress with Vanz Travel

Embarking on a road trip across the vast landscapes of Australia is a dream for many, and at Vanz Travel, we make sure that dream becomes a stress-free reality. Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart, ensuring your journey is not only comfortable but also personalised to meet your unique preferences. Let’s explore how Vanz Travel makes van life simple, from the moment you start planning to the final stretch of your Australian adventure.

Personalised Assistance Before Your Journey 

At Vanz Travel, we understand that every traveller is unique, and so are their needs. Before you hit the road, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect van for your adventure. Our user-friendly website provides detailed information about the vans available for hire, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Choosing the Right Van and Planning Your Trip

  1. Motorhomes: For those seeking maximum comfort and a home away from home experience. Vans Travel motorhomes are equipped with modern amenities, making them ideal for families or travellers who prioritise luxury and a relaxed journey. The spacious interiors and well-designed layouts make these vans suitable for extended road trips, ensuring a comfortable stay on the go.
  2. Convertible Minivans: For adventurers looking for versatility and the thrill of open-air travel! These vehicles provide the freedom to enjoy the breeze and scenic views with the option to open the roof. Suited for travellers who crave an experience with nature, our minivans are perfect for those who want to combine the comfort of a van with open-top exploration.
  3. Vans with a Roof Tent: Additionally, Vanz Travel caters to the more adventurous spirits. These vans featuring roof tents provide a unique camping experience, allowing you to easily set up a cosy rooftop sleeping area. Ideal for those seeking a close connection to the outdoors, these vans are well-suited for individuals or small groups who value a sense of spontaneity in their travels. 
  4. High-Top Vans: Lastly, for those desiring extra space and headroom, Vanz Travel offers high-top vans. These are perfect for taller individuals or groups requiring additional storage space, ensuring a comfortable and practical journey for a diverse range of travellers.

Easy Contact and Flexibility During Your Trip

Unlike traditional rental experiences, Vanz Travel keeps the lines of communication open throughout your journey. Need to make a last-minute change to your itinerary? Have a question about the van you hired? Seeking recommendations for the best local eateries? Our team is just a call or message away, ready to provide real-time assistance and ensure your trip remains stress-free.

Life on the road can be unpredictable, and that’s where Vanz Travel excels. If you find a hidden gem you want to explore, or if unexpected weather conditions alter your plans, our team is here to help you adjust on the fly. This flexibility ensures that your journey is not bound by rigid plans but can change based on your desires and the special opportunities Australia presents.

Personal Care and Digital Travel Guides

Your adventure is personal, and so is our approach! Our team goes the extra mile to provide recommendations tailored to your interests, ensuring you discover the heart and soul of the places you visit. Browse our travel guides for SydneyMelbourneAdelaide and Perth, and ask us any questions about stops you plan along the way. 

Planning a trip across Australia can be overwhelming, but not with Vanz Travel. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you chart the perfect route, suggesting must-visit destinations, hidden gems, and exciting activities along the way. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for travellers, so we tailor your journey to match your interests, ensuring you experience the best of Australia at your own pace.

Your Stress-Free Australian Adventure Awaits!

At Vanz Travel, we are not just a van hire company; we are your partners in creating a stress-free, personalised Australian adventure. From choosing the right van to providing real-time support during your journey, our commitment to excellent customer service ensures that every aspect of your trip is seamless. So, pack your bags, hit the road with a Vanz Travel van, and let the wonders of Australia unfold before you, knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Happy travels!