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The converted minivan: for an unforgettable road trip accessible to all

Do you dream of crossing Australia’s roads on a reasonable budget? If so, the converted
minivan is the option for you, and we’ll explain why!

An economical option for touring Australia and New Zealand

Popular with backpackers from all over the world, the converted minivan is often the most economical option for travelers visiting Australia or New Zealand on a limited budget. At Vanz, we’re well aware that exploring Australia or New Zealand can quickly add up, but we also believe that this shouldn’t stop you from exploring either of these splendid countries in complete freedom!

Quote: “The great thing about this vehicle is that it allows you to combine a reasonable
budget with optimized space for an enjoyable trip!”


“The great thing about this vehicle is that it allows you to combine a reasonable
budget with optimized space for an enjoyable trip!”

The ideal travel companion for singles, couples or friends

If you’re traveling alone, this type of van is the ultimate luxury! It’s also the perfect option for a couple, two friends or two strangers who want to discover the roads of Australia or New Zealand together.

An easy-to-handle and discreet vehicle

From the outside, it looks like a classic family car, but its size and discretion mean you’ll find
it easy to park just about anywhere in Australia or New Zealand! It’s easier to pass for a local
in a smaller vehicle! Likewise, the minivan size may reassure drivers accustomed to more
urban vehicles. The comfortable driver’s seat and integrated radio will convince you to opt for
this faithful travel companion.

Optimized space for the essentials

Although this vehicle isn’t the biggest we can offer, the optimized space allows you to sleep comfortably and turn it into a real little studio on wheels! In fact, it’s very well thought out in terms of storage. All your belongings will find their place, and all the equipment included can be stowed away quickly and without clutter.

A vehicle filled with equipment

A wide range of equipment is at your disposal in this vehicle, where efficiency and optimization are the watchwords! In 90% of cases, our partner vans come directly equipped with bed linen and at least one cool box. In some cases, a refrigerator is on board your vehicle, giving you a degree of autonomy in your travels. A camping kit including a stove and crockery are also included to make meal preparation easier. All in all, everything you need for a great trip!

Annette’s testimonial:

“I traveled for 10 days in Tasmania with a friend aboard a converted minivan from SpaceShip. It was my first road trip experience in a van, and I really enjoyed my experience! We really did have everything we needed in the van to prepare our meals and store our food, as we couldn’t go shopping every day! As we were traveling in May, when the temperatures were not always warm, the small heater we were provided with enabled us to spend warm nights in our home on wheels. In such a small space, you quickly find your feet and the two of us quickly establish a little routine. Each of us had plenty of room for our clothes, and we organized ourselves as if it were a mini studio after all.”

We’ve convinced you that this vehicle is just right for your trip? That’s perfect, because we work with several van rental companies that offer converted minivans. These include Awesome Camper, Spaceships and Jucy.

All you have to do is contact us directly or request a quote, and we’ll get back to you as
soon as possible!

The Vanz Travel Team