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Loïc, 26 years old and originally from Montpellier, is a passionate traveler with three Working Holiday Visas already under his belt: in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The world of road trips holds no secrets for him anymore.

After numerous journeys around the globe, he realizes how essential discovering new places is for his well-being. So, he decides to turn his passion into his profession and starts studying tourism. Once he obtains his degrees, it’s time for him to gain firsthand experience in the field.

Having booked his road trip with Vanz Travel, he has only one thing on his mind: to convey the same emotions he felt along the road to his future clients.

Passionate and organized, he fully invests himself in organizing your road trip, starting with advising you on the perfect vehicle, the itinerary that best suits your desires, and the activities that will make your stay unforgettable. He always has the same goal in mind: to organize the trip of your dreams and to share his passion with you.