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Sydney to Melbourne road trip: our 5 favorite spots

When you book a van with us, we offer you more than just a mode of transportation: we provide a complimentary itinerary that enhances your adventure. Manon and Lucille chose our services for their month-and-a-half-long escapade across Australia. Today, Manon shares her top five destinations from her Sydney to Melbourne road trip, based on our recommendations.

Jervis Bay: Bluer than Blue

Our second day of road tripping from Sydney to Melbourne takes us to Jervis Bay, nestled on the southeast coast of New South Wales. Renowned for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, Jervis Bay seems to promise a memorable stop on our journey. We’ve heard so much praise about it that we’re eager to see with our own eyes what this region has to offer!

And upon our arrival, we understand why Jervis Bay is so often lauded.

White Sands Walk

We head towards the Greenfield Beach Picnic Area. It’s a picnic area where we can park our van peacefully. The place is easily accessible and free.

Once parked, we embark on the White Sands Walk, a trail where the blue of the ocean harmoniously blends with the azure sky. The chirping of crickets from the pine forest briefly transports us to the south of France: it’s simply magical. The walk is cut short as the irresistible call of the water brings us back to our starting point. We swim for nearly an hour and a half at Greenfield Beach, fully enjoying this timeless moment.

Hyams Beach

Among the many beaches that dot the region, Hyams Beach stands out particularly. If you want to maximize your time and enjoy every stretch of sand, take your van from Greenfield Beach to the nearest parking lot, as we did. However, beware of the crowds as the place is popular.

This beach, listed in the Guinness World Records, is a true gem. Its dazzling white sand and sparkling waters in the sun make you feel like you’re transported to a paradise island. The scene is of unreal beauty, captivating all the tourists present, including us.

Murray Beach

The last stop of our day is Murray Beach. Nestled in the Booderee National Park, Murray Beach presents itself as a true oasis of tranquility. It is bordered by lush forest that meets the clear waters of the ocean directly.

From this beach, you can observe Bowen Island where penguins return to the mainland at nightfall.

This natural charm instantly captivates me: it becomes my favorite beach in Jervis Bay.

Raymond Island : See koalas in their natural habitat

For the fifth day of our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, we had the pleasure of discovering Raymond Island, the island of koalas. 

It’s an easily accessible getaway from Paynesville, a small town of 3500 inhabitants. We parked our van in a free spot and then embarked on foot aboard the ferry (for a few dollars if you’re in a car, but free for pedestrians). The crossings take place approximately every 20 minutes and the journey lasts only a few minutes.

Once on the island, we set off on the Koala Trail to encounter Australian wildlife. This 1.2km trail winds through residential neighborhoods where majestic eucalyptus trees stand, the natural habitat of koalas. We walked with our heads up, searching for these adorable creatures. The locals, always ready to share their tips, can even guide you in your search!

Wilson Promontory National Park : Between mountain and sea

Our sixth and seventh days of road tripping from Sydney to Melbourne take us to Wilson Promontory National Park, also known as “The Prom.” Nestled at the tip of the southernmost peninsula of mainland Australia, this national park spans over 50,000 hectares. It boasts numerous wild and varied landscapes, making it a true biodiversity sanctuary.

We opt for a night at the Tidal River Campground. I advise you to book your spot in advance as it is very popular among tourists and locals! This campground offers much more than basic amenities: a café for a good start in the morning, a food shop, an information center, and even an open-air cinema for evenings under the stars.

Mount Oberon

Our first hike is to Mount Oberon. It starts at the Telegraph Saddle Carpark, and it’s best to arrive early as parking is limited. This 7-kilometer round-trip expedition offers breathtaking views of the park once at the summit. The ascent still requires some physical effort, so don’t forget your water bottle. Oh, and also a sweater because it gets chilly up there.

Squeaky Beach

Next, we head to Squeaky Beach, accessible from a nearby parking area. This beach gets its name from the unique sound the sand makes under your feet! Aside from this detail, the beauty of the beach is breathtaking.

Tongue Point

The next day, we embark on the Tongue Point walk starting at the Darby River Carpark. Set further inland while still clinging to the cliffside, this walk amidst nature (and insects!) offers an incredible view of the turquoise ocean. Be careful not to step on the local reptiles who sometimes come to greet you with a curious glance!

Mornington Peninsula and its dancing rays

To the southeast of Melbourne lies the Mornington Peninsula. It’s a narrow strip of land that separates the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay to the west from the tumultuous waves of the Bass Strait to the east. For wine and relaxation enthusiasts, it’s a true paradise with its renowned vineyards and soothing thermal springs.

Rye Beach

On the eighth day of our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, we make a well-deserved stop at Rye Beach. However, we soon discover that parking is only free for a few hours, so keep a close eye on your watch!

Before us stretches an impressive pier, cutting through the horizon of the turquoise sea. Curiously, we stroll along it, scanning the water for any aquatic creatures. Suddenly, our eyes land on an unforgettable scene: a lady appears to be dancing with a ray. Intrigued, we strike up a conversation and she shares some tips for spotting more rays in a secluded spot nearby. We follow her directions and wait patiently. Until suddenly, four rays come to greet us, brushing against our feet in the water. I look at Lucille, whose eyes are misty. “This was my dream,” she confides. “I’m so happy.”

Peninsula Hot Springs

To end this memorable day on a high note, we had booked a relaxing interlude at the Peninsula Hot Springs. These are natural hot springs, perfect for unwinding after a few nights in a van. We go there at dusk and toast to our adventure full of emotions.

Great Ocean Road : The must-visit for a successful roadtrip

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Bonus : Our camping

We stopped at the Princetown Recreation Reserve and Camping. Nestled in the heart of the wild nature, this camping site, costing only 20 dollars, offers an authentic experience deep in the outback. It is located near the Twelve Apostles, ideal for a sunrise departure. The facilities are basic but the spectacle before us is well worth it. As night falls, we have the privilege of being surrounded by kangaroos. Observing them up close in their moment of life made this end of the road trip simply perfect.

Do you want to embark on the adventure of a road trip like Manon and Lucille? But you’re not sure how to go about it? We’re here for you! Feel free to contact us so we can assist you in booking your van and organizing your itinerary alongside you.