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Renting vans in Australia: A Complete Guide

One of the most important things to consider when preparing for a road trip in Australia is choosing a vehicle!
In this guide to van rentals, we’ll go over all the most important aspects to help you find the best vehichle for your situation.

We aim to provide a tailored solution that takes into account factors such as your itinerary, budget, number of travellers, and insurance coverage.

We’ll assist you with a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution to book and get a van or motorhome for an unforgettable road trip experience in Australia.

Why rent a van in Australia?

Renting your own vehicle is widely considered the optimal choice for travel in Australia for those going for 1-4 weeks.

This logic is valid for all stays of less than 3 months.

Here are the 3 main advantages to renting:

1) You can explore entire regions

Australia is big. 14.1 times the size of France, to be exact!

If you’re heading halfway around the world, you’ll want to explore as many national parks, iconic cities, beaches and unique landscapes as possible!

Although travelling by train, bus or plane is possible, renting a van provides more flexibility and convenience to move from one place to another in the same day without compromise!

Of course, we are here to advise you on the regions to be favored at each time of the year, as well as to help you plan an itinerary that fits the duration of your trip.

2) You can travel at your own pace

Another advantage is that you can explore at your own pace!
Having your own vehicle is the most flexible option!

Have you stumbled across a secluded piece of paradise? You can stay there for a few days.
Do you want to focus on a particular region or type of landscape? You can adapt your route along the way.

The road trip lifestyle embodies complete freedom! This is the Australian dream!

3) It offers the best balance of quality and cost for travel.

While we have vehicles to fit every budget, renting a van is still a significant expense in your overall travel budget.

Despite this, renting a van is still the best option that balances comfort, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

You are of course totally free to book accommodation according to your itinerary (and we can also make recommendations), but many of our travellers mainly sleep in their own comfortable house on wheels.

This technique allows you to save a lot of money and discover the many reasons to take a road trip in Australia.

You will also save on all the transportation you would have to book if you didn’t have your own van at your disposal!

The best cities for renting a van / camper ?

One of the main advantages of renting a van is that you can pick it up from point A and drop it off at point B at the end of your trip.

For example, it is a common practice to pick up a van in Sydney and return it in Cairns after a 3-4 week trip.

This allows you to book your flight tickets with peace of mind.

Of course, Vanz travel offers the possibility to pick up and drop off your van or camper in the most popular cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Cairns

But also in “stopover” places that can be very practical depending on the length of your stay:

  • Byron Bay
  • Townsville
  • Hobart (Tasmania)
  • Darwin
  • Broome
  • Gold Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Airlie Beach (Whitsundays)
  • Alice Springs (Uluru)

Vanz Travel offers you the possibility to pick up or drop off your rented vehicle at no less than 14 locations (which you can select on our rental search engine), spread all over Australia.

How to choose your rental car?

If you are going alone, with a partner, family or friends, choosing the right vehicle to suit your needs will make the difference.

That’s why we offer 4 types of vehicles, adapted to different budgets, but also to your different needs.

Here are the 4 most popular types of vehicles for a road trip in Australia.

Let’s review them!

1. Converted Minivans

Our converted minivans are compact, versatile and equipped with all the necessary camping equipment to travel independently.

Featuring a small kitchen, cooling or refrigeration options, ample storage space, and everything needed for an authentic Australian adventure!

What travellers do we recommend convertible minivans to?

It is evident that minivans are the most economical option for solo travellers, for trips with friends or as a couple.

If you prioritize your daily budget and are willing to compromise on interior space, this is an option to consider.

More information on converted minivans.

2. Vans with roof tents

Adventure under the stars!

Australia is the perfect country for stargazing while camping!

Our vans with roof tents (also called “pop-up tents”) allow for a balance between compact / all-purpose vehicles and a more adventurous and unique way to travel!

Each morning, you will wake up to breathtaking views of the Australian landscape and if you’re lucky, you may even have some curious kangaroos around you, truly the ultimate Australian experience.

The primary benefit of this type of vehicle is that it allows you to quickly set up and take down your thousand-star room while maintaining a vehicle that is easy to drive, park and has low fuel consumption.

Which travellers do we recommend vans with roof tents to?

If you’re looking for a balance between a compact and well-equipped vehicle with an extraordinary stargazing experience, this may be the perfect option for you.

We recommend this type of vehicle to couples and groups of friends of 2 to 3 people!

More information about vans with roof tents.

3. High-Top Vans

The most popular option among our travellers!

High-top vans are designed for adventure with a high roof that offers a more spacious and comfortable interior!

You will have access to a real living space in which you can stand, move, cook and eat much more freely.

Our travellers have spoken, high-top vans are the most popular choice among young couples or groups of friends!

How are they equipped?

Can you imagine a small studio perfectly designed for living on the road!

Fully equipped with a kitchen, fridge, microwave, a large main double bed and a second bunk under the roof (single or double, depending on the model).

Which travellers do we recommend high-top vans to?

It’s the ideal balance between the “vanlife” we all dream of and the comfort of a cozy little nest designed for adventure.

This is the ideal choice for couples or groups of friends who prefer not to rent a motorhome.

In our opinion, high-top vans are the best option for couples, groups of friends, or families of 3 or 4.

More information about high-top vans

4. Premium motorhomes

Discover Australia in total freedom (and in total peace)!

Motorhomes are the preferred choice for families and travellers who value comfort and relaxation during their journey. They are like houses on wheels designed for the ultimate freedom of travel.

In our eyes, they represent the best of both worlds; the pleasure of travelling while keeping your comfort and privacy, for two or with your family.

Travelling is not about rushing from one place to another, it is about taking time to slow down, and to settle in a place for a few days. Motorhomes are perfect for this!

How are they equipped?

The modern and spacious interior provides an ideal living space, even for a family.

Motorhomes are equipped with amenities such as a shower, full-service kitchen, heating or air conditioning – ensuring that you can fully enjoy your Australian adventure in the best possible conditions.

Which travellers do we recommend motorhomes to?

Motorhome rentals are perfect for families and travellers who want an amazing road trip experience in supremely comfortable conditions.

Motorhomes provide a sense of peace and relaxation while travelling. They are particularly popular among retirees, who have earned the right to enjoy their trip without rush. The motorhome offers a comfortable and fully equipped living space, perfect for a relaxed and comfortable journey.

There are various models available at different prices, and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and preferences.

More information about motorhomes

How does insurance for rental cars work?

To provide you with a variety of options and maintain a high standard of quality at a reasonable cost, we partner directly with multiple insurance providers.

Each company has its own insurance policies with different “levels” of coverage.

Generally, there are 3 levels of insurance when renting a vehicle in Australia:

  1. Standard Insurance: basic coverage with a large deposit.
  2. Intermediate Insurance: average coverage with reasonable bonding.
  3. Full insurance: full coverage and low or no deposit required.

Having comprehensive assistance insurance can provide peace of mind and ensure a hassle-free road trip experience. We recommend including this in your rental package and we can arrange it for you.

We will be happy to recommend you according to the option you choose. It is important to note that taking out more comprehensive insurance can provide better coverage, and in some cases, reduce or eliminate the deposit required for rental.

We are not “insurers”, but our team remains at your disposal throughout your road trip, by email or by phone if necessary!

It is important to fully understand your insurance coverage and ensure you are aware of any exclusions or clauses. Some insurance providers may use misleading language or have hidden restrictions.

That being said, it is quite rare to have problems if you follow our advice and our itineraries.

Final tips for renting vans in Australia

In conclusion, it’s evident that Australia is the ultimate destination for road trips, due to its breathtaking landscapes and scenic drives.

Thus, to fully experience the land of kangaroos, travel differently and experience a real adventure, renting a converted vehicle seems to be an obvious choice.

We have personally had the opportunity to travel around Australia in a van, and whatever the region, we have always made unforgettable memories!

That’s why van rental and road trip organisation are the core of our business today.

It’s important to research and compare vehicles before planning a road trip in Australia. Also, choose regions that interest you and feel free to reach out to us for assistance in planning your trip, booking activities and securing the best priced vehicle for a stress-free experience.

You only live once!