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Location d’un van / camping-car en Nouvelle-Zélande [Guide & conseils]

Renting a van and motorhome in New Zealand is probably one of the best ways to explore Kiwi country.

Along with its Australian big sister, New Zealand is one of the most suitable countries for life on a road trip, which allows you to explore the countless natural wonders, lakes and other glaciers that abound on the 2 islands.

But renting a converted vehicle on the other side of the world cannot be improvised. We have therefore decided to write you this “special New Zealand” rental guide. Choice of vehicle and equipment, best periods for your road trip, budget to plan; If these questions interest you, this article is for you!

Why rent a van / motorhome in New Zealand?

1. It’s the best way to explore this land meant for road trips

There are obviously different ways to travel; via organized tours, taking national flights, some even cross New Zealand from North to South on foot along the famous Te Aroroa, a hike of nearly 3000 kilometers!

But if there’s one way to travel that’ll allow you to explore as much of everything New Zealand has to offer as possible in a matter of weeks, it’s a converted vehicle rental.

There is simply no other convenient way to explore the North Island, the South Island or even both! A ferry connects the 2 islands in 3h-3h30 (allows you to cross with your vehicle).

Traveling by van offers great freedom and far more flexibility than any other mode of travel; you manage your itinerary, your schedule and your time on site as you see fit (we would be happy to advise you according to the season, the duration of your trip and your budget).

2. There are camping areas everywhere

When we said that New Zealand is a country cut out for life in a van / motorhome, we did not mention it!

You will have no problem finding a place to sleep with your rental vehicle.
There are free camping areas and other paid ones (which will often offer more advantages such as showers, cooking areas, etc.)

To find them, we recommend very practical mobile applications such as  Wikicamps NZ or Campermate which list them.

3. You’ll be amazed every day

If there’s one thing that makes a road trip in New Zealand unique, it’s the diversity of landscapes (in the same day!)

You can pass, in the same day, from green hills (with their many typical sheep) to a turquoise-colored lake, before arriving at the foot of a chain of glaciers which you will remember all your life!

We could also mention the countless beaches (sand or pebbles), the fjords of the South Island, the spectacular coastlines, the natural wonders or the places where you can explore geothermal activity like nowhere else!

And yes, you will be able to explore all of this in a few weeks.

How to choose your rental vehicle (at the best price)?

Choosing the right rental vehicle is important, because it will be your house on wheels for the next few weeks.
This is where you will cook/have your meals, spend your evenings, sleep, etc.

There are obviously several aspects that come into play before booking your van or motorhome.

Here are, in our opinion, the most important factors to make your choice (factors which will also vary the price of the rental):

  • How much will you be for this trip? Inevitably, a couple will not have the same needs as a family of 5 people.
  • In what season / period are you going? This is probably one of the most determining elements (on which you can act) when it comes to the budget, since prices can fluctuate greatly from season to season.
  • The duration of your road trip : most travelers leave for 2 to 4 weeks, because we do not go to New Zealand every 4 mornings. The other advantage when you manage to free yourself up for 3-4 weeks is that you can get better daily prices (and negotiating these offers is one of our specialties!)
  • Your initial budget : well yes, there are different models to meet different budgets (we talk about that below).

Self-contained certification: essential ?

Another major factor to understand and take into account when choosing your rental vehicle: self-contained certification.

There are therefore vehicles without certification, and others with.

To simplify, this is a certification that ensures that the vehicle has a (“fixed” or portable) toilet, but also a reserve for collecting dirty water (for the shower and/or the sink, for example ).

It is not an obligation, but in our opinion, it is a real plus (even a necessity). Indeed, most “free campsites” (or free camps, in English) are only authorized for vehicles with the famous blue “self-contained” sticker.

And it seems logical, these places have no special facilities, and are often in the middle of nature, so it is a measure made to preserve the environment as much as possible.

The most suitable models for a road trip in New Zealand?

At Vanz Travel, we specialize in 4 types of vehicles.

Why 4?

Because we are convinced that one of them will be perfect for any type of traveler(s).

  1. Converted minivans : the most economical and discreet solution for a solo or two-person trip
  2. Vans with roof tent : ideal for trips in 2 or 3, with more space because you will sleep with your head in the stars!
  3. “High top” vans : these are much more spacious vans because the roof is raised. You will therefore be able to move around, cook and live there with more comfort. Some models also offer an additional berth, ideal for small families.
  4. Comfortable motorhomes : these are clearly vehicles that will allow you to travel in complete peace of mind, with unrivaled comfort and interior space on the roads. A real little house optimized and designed for unforgettable road trips.

Of course, you can adapt the equipment for each of the models, and there are also different models per type of vehicle.

If you need information, or want to ask a question, or even obtain a free quote, do not hesitate to write to us using this form.

The best times to rent a van / motorhome?

Something you don’t think of directly when you live in Europe, the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere!

So the summer season, which is synonymous with holidays, extends in New Zealand from December to February / March. The price of rentals is therefore impacted since demand increases during this period.
If you have the possibility and you are looking to optimize your budget, we will tend to advise you to try to anticipate as much as possible or to let “the summer peak” pass, why not rent your vehicle in November by example ?

Also find out about the March / April / May period (we can probably get you very good prices during these periods).

Of course, the best climate is in summer, and if you still want to go there during this season, it is strongly advised to plan 3-4 months in advance, as prices rise quickly as you approach. of summer.

How much does it cost to hire a van/camper in New Zealand?

As you can imagine, planning an “example” budget is tricky, knowing that a family renting a motorhome for 1 month will not pay the same as a couple renting a minivan for 2 or 3 weeks.

But to give you an idea, here is an estimate of the daily costs depending on the type of vehicle and the season:


  • Low season: 40-50€
  • Mid season: 60-80€
  • High season: 100-150€

high-top van

  • Low season: 60-80€
  • Mid season: 80-110€
  • High season: 120-180€

Comfort motorhome

  • Low season: 120-180€
  • Mid season: 190-250€
  • High season: 260-350€

What it will be necessary to add an insurance (there are often 3 levels):

  • “Basic” insurance (often included) : only the rental vehicle is insured, and the deposit / deductible is often quite high
  • Intermediate insurance : often includes civil liability in addition to the vehicle, and drastically lowers the deductible / deposit
  • “Premium” insurance : everything is covered (except exclusions, it depends on the agency) and the deductible is often 0.

Of course, these are ranges, and the best way to get the best price is to compare and ask for a free quote in advance.

Last advice to prepare your road trip in New Zealand

Anticipate !
This is clearly the factor that will allow you to enjoy your road trip most serenely as soon as you arrive.
Anticipate the period, the budget, the itinerary, the activities you want to do on site, etc.

A road trip in New Zealand is an experience to live at least once in your life!
It’s probably one of the most spectacular countries in the world, and even if getting there and exploring it is not cheap, you can believe us that once there, you will thank us!

Anticipating also means planning the best possible itinerary according to the duration of your stay, doing the 2 islands in 2 weeks seems complicated, you benefit much more by choosing only one.

But from 3-4 weeks, with a few relevant choices, you can travel New Zealand from north to south (or vice versa).

For this too, getting information and seeking advice from specialists is often wise.

There you go, you now know a lot more about renting a van / motorhome in New Zealand.

We hope this guide will help you in preparing for your trip.

If you need advice on the itinerary, the period, the reservation of activities or the rental of a vehicle, we will be delighted to accompany you in your project.

Have a good trip friends!

The Vanz Travel team.