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Le van high-top : l’option idéal pour les road tripentre amis

You’ve decided to travel as a duo but need slightly more space than your converted minivan, or perhaps you’re planning a budget friendly trip for 3 or 4. The high-top van is likely the best option for your group of friends or family! Let us explain why.

Reaching New Heights:

True to its name, the high-top van promises a feeling of freedom with its elevated roof, providing a more spacious and comfortable interior. Enjoy real living space where you can stand, move around, cook, and dine more freely. With this raised roof, the comfort of your journey takes on a whole new dimension, especially when traveling with more than two people.

Equipped Almost Like Home:

The van is also well-equipped, giving you the sensation of staying in a small studio where every space has been intelligently designed to allow you to store your belongings and live comfortably inside the vehicle during your journey on Australian or New Zealand roads. You’ll have access to a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and microwave! Some vans even come with a sink and cooking hobs, and camping essentials are always on board, from kitchen utensils to tableware, including cutlery, glasses, and plates. Like most of our vehicles, they usually come with bedding provided by van rental companies.

2, 3, or 4 Adventurous Backpackers!

You’ll also have a large double bed and a second bed under the roof (single or double, depending on the model). So, whether you’re traveling as a duo, trio, or quartet, everyone will be comfortably accommodated! With the number of beds available, you can embark on your adventure as a couple or with friends, and everyone will have a cozy place to sleep after full days of exploring breathtaking
landscapes. Less spacious than a motorhome that we can also offer, the high-top van remains a practical and affordable option for your next trip!


By opting for a high-top van, you’ll save not only on the initial rental cost but also on fuel, parking fees, and even camping fees as your vehicle is smaller! Take advantage of our seasonal offers and numerous partnerships to obtain advantageous rates. With a slightly higher budget than for converted minivans, enjoy discovering the country with friends!

Le témoignage de Marc et sa famille

« We hit the road in a high top van with the family, and we were absolutely thrilled with the van’s setup! It was just spot on – plenty of storage for all five of us, and everything was really well-optimized. With Marc towering at 1.90m, that high roof was a real winner, giving him the space to stand up straight, especially when he was cooking. And let me tell you, having an indoor kitchen was a game-changer for meal prep! Overall, it was ideal for our three-week road trip, and Mickaël’s recommendations really helped us make the most of our budget on activities! »

Have we convinced you, and are you persuaded that this vehicle is suitable for your journey? That’s perfect because we work with several van rental companies that offer High-Top vans. This is the case, for example, with Travellers Autobarn, Cruisin, Go Cheap, Apollo, Hippie, Cheapa, Mighty… »

Contact us now or get a quote online, and we’ll find the vehicle that suits your needs and the itinerary that will make your stay UNFORGETTABLE!

The Vanz Travel Team