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Whitehaven Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This long beach is lined with tropical vegetation extending over 7 km. Its sand is a brilliant white composed of 98% silica (the sand will never burn your feet). The mixture of this white sand and the sparkling blue sea forms some of the most sublime colours.

The largest of the Whitsundays is Whitsunday Island. This island is very popular for its sumptuous Whitehaven Beach. A short walk to the Hill Inlet viewpoint will give you a magnificent view of the beach.

The busiest and most urbanised island is Hamilton Island. It is the main destination of this archipelago and many stars love to spend their vacations there. This private island is owned by a wealthy Sydney family and is like a city with an airport, a marina and a wide range of restaurants and accommodations. On this island, several water activities are offered such as sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and jet-skiing. There are also some great hiking trails.

Daydream Island is one of the smallest islands in the Whitsundays and boasts a hotel, restaurant, outdoor cinema, and outdoor aquarium. On-site recreational activities, such as tennis, are available for guests to enjoy. The island’s stunning beaches are a major draw for tourists, as well as its snorkeling opportunities.

The center of Airlie Beach is full of small restaurants, stores, bars and pubs where you can party. Airlie Beach also has a landscaped lagoon located on the main street, right across from the ocean. It’s a nice place to relax and swim – and it’s free.

If you like to walk, enjoy a pleasant walk from Airlie Beach to Cannonvale by the sea. This walk offers beautiful views of the coves and the Whitsundays archipelago.