Magnetic Island: Your Tropical Paradise Destination
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Magnetic Island

Must Do

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Swim at Horseshoe Bay beach, one of the only beaches with a jellyfish net. It is also a good spot to watch the sunset.

One of the most famous hikes on the island is the Magnetic Island Forts Walk, which leads to the World War II forts. From this point of view, you will have a magnificent panorama of the island.

The bay boasts a stunning atmosphere that is a mini slice of paradise with palm trees, turquoise water, and soft sand, and even features an old, abandoned piano amidst its beauty. This gives an unusual aspect to the place.

Meet the “rock wallabies”. There are wallabies living in the rocks. You can feed them directly by hand (carrots, sweet potatoes, apples or papayas only). You will have more chance to see them in the rocks of Geoffrey Bay.