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Cooking on a road trip will be easy after you’ve read this article.

Planning a road trip but don’t know how to handle the “cooking part”? This article is for you! Because a van journey also means travel cooking and limited utensils.

To avoid any bad surprises, Vanz gives you its best tips and tricks to make all your meals easier.

No need to go overboard to enjoy delicious food during your roaming trip. The key is to keep it simple with what you have on hand and the opportunities your journey offers.

Cooking fresh on a road trip:

  • Most vans are now equipped with a small fridge, so you need to limit the amount of fresh produce as space is scarce.
  • Thus, we recommend doing small, regular grocery runs: no waste, but enough provisions to last when there are no stores nearby.
  • Prioritize dry goods and canned food to prevent losing products you won’t consume immediately!


  • The vast majority of vans we offer for rent are equipped with a small fridge and at least a stove. You will also have basic pots and cooking utensils.

So, it will be possible to peel your vegetables, cut them, boil water, or even cook a steak! And no, you won’t have any excuses not to cook…

  • Don’t overlook the stops at campgrounds with fully equipped kitchens that allow you to use an oven or microwave occasionally. The Australian coasts also abound with free electric barbecues. In addition to meeting people, you can grill your meat and vegetables and enjoy a feast.

Some meal ideas:

  • Chinese noodles, a student favorite…
  • Pasta with ready-made sauce, a classic!
  • Rice or pasta salad with seasonal raw vegetables, feta, and tuna or ham cubes…
  • Grilled corn on the cob, a real delight! (Don’t forget the butter on top at the end of cooking ;))
  • Hot dogs or sandwiches, quick and efficient
  • Canned ratatouille and rice, for tough times
  • Fish and Chips from a renowned local establishment, if there’s nothing left in the fridge…
  • Fast food for lazy days, yes, it’s going to happen. (more than once)

Now that you are a pro at easy recipes, we give you some more elaborate ideas…

  • Free barbecues, choose your meats (or not), your grilled vegetables…
  • Burgers, the timeless classic that still requires some effort! (If you want some good ones)
  • Vegetarian chili con carne, one pan and everything goes in! (This recipe is the best…)

Here are all our tips for cooking like a starred chef during your road trip!

Now that you’re ready to hit the road, we invite you to discover all our partner vans, hoping you find your perfect match at Vanz!

Annette Rousseau